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6V POWERTRON Batteries

Set/6 Powerton 6V batteries Cash/Carry with core exchange $475.00 includes EPA & TAX



Great for golfers.

Seat folds up in seconds to carry
golf clubs

NOW available for Yamaha Drives!

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Golf Car Service

Regular maintenance is recommended to achieve the best performance as well as the safe operation of your golf cart. The Cart Guys technicians follow the maintenance schedule determined by each golf cart manufacturer, including battery removal and total cleaning of the battery tray and frame area. This is a very important step as any battery acid left on the frame will eat away at both steel and aluminum, and eventually lead to major structural repair.

This is the main reason we do not service carts at your home or place of business. These is no place to clean up the acid without possible damage to sidewalks or driveways. Also, any runoff of acid into storm drains is unsafe, as most communities recycle this water.

We offer an annual service agreement that includes tire rotation, front end alignments, transaxle fluid checks, brake adjustments, grease fittings and battery testing.

Please give us a call to schedule your golf cart maintenance!